New Babies June 5, 2015

We have 3 babies

red and white boy

silver and white boy

and a silver mackerel girl

check out the pictures

Lillian proud new mama of 5 beautiful babies
Lillian is just a little over 1. She just loves everyone. She enjoys cat shows I hope we do much more showing this year.

Devon Rex male Solomon

Solomon is a very handsome young man and is proud papa of his first litter of 4 males and 1 female

He is such a curious little dude, he loves rideing on my back and yelling around the house.  He bosses the rest of the cats around even though they are bigger than him. 

5 New Born Devon Rex Babies have Arrived

Jan. 13, 2015

Lillian and Solomon

Lilly and Solomon have 4 baby boys and 1 calico girl
Babies and mom are doing well. Dad just runs around.
They have 1 white and cream male, 1 red and white
Male, 1 blue and white male and 1 black w/stripes